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Fear? It shouldn't be a factor in life goals

It feels absolutely insane to be writing this today. Boomerang is officially out.

Which means I am finally, officially, a published author.

S. Jennifer Paulson Boomerang book
"Boomerang" is available for purchase on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble online and more. Photo courtesy of Tim Shortt

It's the best birthday gift I've ever given myself. Because, yes, today is my 49th birthday. I wanted to unveil my first novel around Spring Break. Since most novels are released on a Tuesday, I told myself if my birthday fell on one, that would be the day.

It was. And is.

But this isn't just about a book.

It's about knowing what you want in life and doing everything you can to make it happen. Sure, some things are completely out of our control. But we CAN do everything we can possibly think of to get where we want to go.

Even when the odds are stacked against us.

Stop letting excuses get in your way

This applies to everyone. Not just aspiring authors.

If a cause or vision has been tugging at your heart for a while, there's a reason. Maybe it's just intuition. Maybe it's something you've always wanted to do. Or something you just feel passionate about. (This TikTok video nails it.)

If it doesn't leave your mind, you have a choice:

  1. Wring your hands over whether you should go for it or not, obsess over it, and never try because the odds are against you and you're worried about how people will perceive you and your work/goal OR

  2. Stop worrying. And just jump in and give it your all.

Even if the chances of your success are slim, there are other people who've dreamed big and soared above what they've ever imagined.

If something won't leave your mind, there's a reason. And you have to be true to yourself.

Is not taking action with your dream something you'll regret later in life? Will you be kicking yourself in your later years, thinking, "I should have applied for that job; tried out for that part; written that book; gotten that tattoo?" (Okay, maybe not necessarily the last. But I've been pining to put a phoenix on the side of my ribcage for years now. I'm just scared.)

If the answer is yes, you know what you need to do.

There are no guarantees in life. But you won't know unless you try. And it's pretty much guaranteed that if you never try, your dream is left in the dust.

Life can be scary at times. While I've let fear dictate my decisions as a young adult, I won't let it get in my way again.

Deep down, don't most of us look for the same thing? Peace, love, happiness and acceptance? We want to find our place in the world and make our mark. And bring something good to others. At least I do.

But it's scary as hell. I'd be lying if I didn't admit my nerves are a little ramped up as this book rolls out.

I worked on this so hard. For so, so long, I've poured my heart and soul into this work of fiction. Since I love the thrills and satisfaction that come with reading a stellar novel, I find I get a similar feeling while writing one and rereading it. I love getting lost in someone else's fake problems, if only for a little bit. It's amazing, and the mental reboot I need at times.

That's what I want to give to you, my readers.

I hope you enjoy reading Boomerang as much as I've loved writing it.

And if all goes well, I'm getting that tattoo.

phoenix bird illustration
Phoenix illustration by Canva

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